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Outdoor Smoke Generators

When no mains power is available these are the few ways you can generate fog on location.

Hand Portable Smoke Machine - after an initial heating on main power, this unit can be unplugged and used to generate a dense fog for 2 minutes without mains. The 1.1kW basic version can run even on the most ropey of generators! 240v / 110v.
Gas powered smoke gun -
Ideal for location work, as no mains power is needed to generate large amounts of fog. It uses conventional butane gas cylinders, available in most hardware or camping shops.
Mobile Smoke Machine -
Highly portable battery powered machine designed for photographers, but suitable for theatrical and cinematic purposes. Please note - this is not a high output smoke machine so is good for effects in vehicles, in outbuildings, etc rather than in the wind. A 400W version is also available (see below).
12V DC Smoke Machine -
Our largest output 12V DC powered smoke machine at 400 watts. Can also be connected (via an optional cable) to a car battery for very long run times without mains power.
Tiny Foggers -
Modular and highly compact battery powered units for special effects or incorporating into props and costumes.
Pyrotechnic smoke bombs -
Up to 60 second smoke output duration. Exterior use only. White, red, blue, green smoke. FREE DELIVERY. (UK only)
Oil Based Smoke Generator
The highly persistent smoke from this range is unaffected by wind so can be used to generate huge volumes of fog outdoors where water based systems' output evaporates and dissipates. Mains powered - suitable power generator required on set. Ships worldwide (240v / 110v). Can also be hired.
Industrial quality - 10 year parts warranty, lifetime guarantee on heat exchanger.

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