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Honest, independent smoke machine reviews.
Have you ever used a smoke machine that was so appaling that it would have been better to have employed a heavy smoker and a hose pipe? Or perhaps you've just discovered the best smoke machine you've ever used and want to share your discovery with the world (well, the world of smoke machine users!). Your review will be published on this page to help others.

Click on the name of the smoke machine to read the review.
Only the underlined machines have reviews at present.

Send us your reviews!

l-r Le Maitre Power Mist Turbo, Rosco 1500, Martin Fogger Junior 700

Mini Mist Turbo
Neutron XS Hazer
Pea Souper
LSG - Low Smoke Generator
Dry Icer
Speedfogger (replaced the G150)

Alpha 900
Rosco 1600
Model 1700
Delta 3000
Intellegent Fog System
PF-1000 Pencil Fogger
Jem J1 Smoke Machine
Jem Heavy Fog 750
Martin Fogger Junior 700
Rosco 1500
Le Maitre Power Mist Turbo
Martin 1600 Magnum
Antari F-80
Le Maitre G150
Concept Comet 3
CF Taylor (1967)

Spirit 900
Colt 4
Mini 100
Artem Smoke Gun
ViCount Compact

High End F100


Clay Paky Golden Fog 1000
Clay Paky Golden Fog 2000
Elektralite Turbofog
Elektralite Turbofog Plus
PowerFog Goblin
PowerFog Aeromaster
PowerFog Pro 1500S
PowerFog Smoke Can 16
PowerFog Jazz
American DJ Shadow II


Magnum Pro 2000
ZR33 Hi-Mass
Martin Club Smoke
Roadie X-stream
Glaciator (heavy fog)
Jem Technofog
Magnum 800
Product information reference pages on older machines no longer manufactured:
Le Maitre G150 
Le Maitre G100
Le Maitre Speedfogger - dis. Nov 2009
Le Maitre Maxi Fogger - dis. Nov 2009
Martin Magnum 800 - dis. mid-2008
Jem ZR247 Hazer - dis. April 2009
Rosco 1600
Rosco 4500
Rosco Chiller Module
Rosco Hazemaker 1 & 2
  Jem FX2
Jem Stagehazer II DMX
Jem Magnum 550
Jem Magnum 950
Jem Technofog
Jem ZR12
Jem FX2
Jem Sharky
Martin Club Smoke

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