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Types of Smoke Chemical

Water Based

The majority of smoke chemicals in use today are generally referred to as 'water based'. This rather vague term describes chemicals which are water miscible, and are in the main based on glycols and glycerol.

Water based smokes are dense and white, and the generators that produce them can be simple to operate and very compact.

Typically two-thirds of the 'Smoke Chemical' is made up of active ingredient, the remaining one-third being purified, de-ionised water.

Different Glycols produce smokes of differing persistencies, Propylene Glycol generally being the least persistent. Glycerol is by far and away the most persistent 'water based' smoke.

We would normally recommend that, where dense concentrations of water-based smoke are required (e.g. Fire Brigade Training, Leak Testing), that the most persistent smoke possible is produced. The use of chemicals with high percentages of glycols, whilst producing dense white smoke, is not cost effective, as the smoke disperses so quickly that one is having to produce smoke almost all the time in order to keep up with the rate of breakdown of the smoke.

Glycol smokes begin to layer noticeably at 35-45°C, Glycerine smokes at about 50-60°C.

Hand Portable Smoke Machine - hand-portable unit. Can deliver quick dispersing smoke (PS21) or long lasting (PS23). Off-power facility on basic models. 240/110v.
2.2kW High Output Smoke Generator - continuous high output 2.2kW machine with a choice of fluids available for either quick dispersing smoke or persistent. 240/110v.

Oil Based

These systems produce a smoke that is far more persistent than the very best of the water based smokes, and so are capable of smoke logging huge volumes with relatively low consumption of smoke chemical. The smoke produced by our Phantom oil based smoke generator is also extremely resistant to very high temperatures, starting to layer at 200°C, making it highly suitable for hot fire training, as well as unheated applications.

Oil Based Smoke Generator - oil-based smoke machines with continuous highly controllable output. The generated smoke can withstand high temperatures, is very persistent and has a very small particle size (no residue) and can easily be ducted. 240/110v.
Please note, this unit can also be re-programmed to use water based fluid, if required.


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