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Temperature Resistance of Smoke

The artificial smoke produced by thermal smoke generators such as ours will eventually break down as the ambient temperature increases.

Water based (glycol) smokes such as those used by the vast majority of theatrical / nightclub type smoke machines generally begin to layer at temperatures as low as 35°C. Industrial type glycerine based systems (such as our Hand Portable and 2.2kW Smoke Generators) this layering begins at around 60°C.

However, if smoke testing is required at higher temperatures, the Oil Based Smoke Machines from Pea Soup offer a practical and very cost effective solution. Producing a smoke that is resistant to temperatures up to 180°C before layering commences, these machines are rapidly proving to be a preferred choice for all applications, such as Hot Fire Training where the use of artificial smoke in elevated temperatures - previously limited to pyrotechnic smoke bombs - is required. Indeed, for some applications, customers have reported the smoke persisting to almost 200°C.


Hand Portable Smoke Machine - can deliver quick dispersing smoke (PS21) or long lasting (PS23). Off-power facility on basic models. 240/110v.
2.2kW High Output Smoke Generator - continuous high output 2.2kW machine with a choice of fluids available for either quick dispersing smoke or persistent. 240/110v.
Oil Based Smoke Machine - oil-based smoke machines with continuous high output for large scale applications (see photo below). The generated smoke can withstand high temperatures. 240/110v.


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