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Smoke Machines for Fire Evacuation Training on Public Transport

From mini buses and coaches to train carriages and planes, safe non-toxic smoke produced by a compact and portable Pea Soup smoke machine can add a level of realism to your training and reduce visibility of participants to better prepare them.

Pea Soup have a range of different sized cost effective units to perform your evacuation training flawlessly. Smoke produced by these machines is safe and does not involve and harmful pyrotechnics devices.

12v DC Smoke Machine -
Highly portable battery powered machine for simulating localised smouldering fires on seats or in overhead compartments. Wireless remote control option. 75 watts.
Mini Rocket - 12v Battery Powered Smoke Machine -
Our highest output battery powered machine for total portability. Wireless remote control option. 400 watts.
Hand Portable Smoke Machine - The Rocket delivers persistent smoke for excellent visibility over long periods and distances. Off-power facility. 240/110v.
Microfog -
A low cost aerosol smoke machine with very simple one-button operation. 240/110v.
800 watt Smoke Machine -
Our low cost compact, continuous output fog machine with a quick heat-up time. Mains powered. 800 watts.
High Output Smoke Generator - The Dragon is a continuous high output 2.2kW machine for filling larger volumes effortlessly, or for installations in permanent training facilities. 240/110v, 2,200 watts.

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