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Smoke machines and special FX


High End Systems Inc. is the world's leading manufacturer of automated luminaires. Formed by a musician, a DJ and a photographer in the 1970s. From the Color Pro colour changing luminaire in 1988 to the x.Spot in 2001, High end have been innovating and leading the lighting world for nearly 30 years.

Amazing lighting consoles, pure, saturated dichroics and the best technical support in the industry assures HES users of getting the best. High End Systems also manufacture the F-100 Performance Fog Generator, a high power machine with continuous output available, which is available from Pea Soup, along with Atmospheres fluid.

Today, High End Systems fixtures are found everywhere you’d expect - television, Broadway, concerts - and a few places you wouldn’t - like shopping malls, churches and restaurants. As entertainment lighting continues to expand into new and exciting applications, High End will be there with the products designers need.

Pea Soup Smoke Machines sell the F-100 Performance Fog Generator and fluid.

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